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Almost everyone cleans their homes regularly. It can be as simple as sweeping or mopping the floors, cleaning the countertops, and vacuuming the carpet and furniture. However, considering all the appliances that run the length and breadth of our homes, deep cleaning every once in a while becomes mandatory.

It is because; casual cleaning is not enough to eliminate the dirt and dust that collects in the nooks and crannies. This accumulation can also get aggravated if you have a lot of occupants in the home and have pets, as well.
Unlike other forms of cleaning, deep cleaning requires a professional service. It is quite similar to the house cleaning but more detailed and time-consuming. It also requires special cleaning equipments and professional expertise to perform it correctly.

Why is deep cleaning required in homes?

Deep cleaning or spring cleaning is a method of cleaning, which involves cleaning other areas of the home apart from the floors and walls. A typical deep cleaning includes cleaning heating and cooling vents, baseboards, electrical outlets, ceiling fans, and light switches, among others.
Reasons why deep cleaning of a home is required include:
It improves the overall hygiene of the home.

Irrespective of the frequency with which you clean your home, there is a constant accumulation of dust, dirt, and grime in various parts of the house. The most common areas that collect these are vents, exhaust pipes, and underneath cabinets and drawers.

A combination of dust and water vapor creates an environment that breeds microorganisms and allergens. These can be hazardous for those with certain health conditions like asthma and other pulmonary ailments.

When you perform a deep cleaning of your home, every corner and outlet is cleaned. This improves the overall hygiene of your home and the health of the occupants at home.

It is time-saving.

In between juggling a professional career, a business, running a home, and looking after your kids, there is no time to perform a deep cleaning of your home. Hiring the services of a professional cleaner is the best option.

You can concentrate on your work while they do all the cleaning. They have the right tools and the experience to execute the cleaning process quite efficiently. If you’re honest, the quality of work is also incomparable.

It saves you money.

Unlike a regular cleaning with a broom and a mop and perhaps a vacuum, deep cleaning requires a good amount of equipment and other materials. A professional cleaning company will have all the necessary tools and the materials required in their inventory.

If you had to perform a deep cleaning on your own, imagine the gamut of equipments and cleaning materials that you have to purchase. If you really do the math, paying for a professional service is so much quicker and cost-efficient.

It is very convenient.

Professional cleaners work their way around their client’s schedules. You will have no problem finding a service that will suit your time and place.

Apart from not having the time or the resources to do the deep cleaning on your own, most of us don’t have the energy to execute such a physically taxing job as deep cleaning.

FAQs about deep cleaning


How often should I consider deep cleaning my home?

Ideally, a deep cleaning is recommended every four to five months. If, however, you live in a very polluted area and you have lots of pets at home, the duration may be shorter.

How long does it take to perform deep cleaning?

It is typically determined by the size of your home and how often you clean your home. That being said, deep cleaning of an average home can require anywhere from six hours to eight at the most.

Does deep cleaning involve cleaning the furniture?

In most cases, deep cleaning does not involve cleaning the furniture, cabinets, mattresses, wardrobe, and kitchen appliance. However, if the client books for the service, a separate cleaning of the above-mentioned items is also performed.

Why is deep cleaning more expensive than regular cleaning?

A deep cleaning service has a higher price due to the fact that it involves a lot of heavy cleaning. It also requires a lot more time to execute than regular cleaning. As mentioned, deep cleaning requires the cleaning of areas such as exhaust pipes, vents, and chimneys, which merits extra costs.

What is not included in a deep cleaning?

Deep cleaning is usually limited to areas within the interior of homes. Therefore, it does not involve cleaning the pathways, backyards, and the like. Some areas inside the homes, such as kitchen appliances, wardrobes, and beddings, are also not included in the package.

A separate package may be booked by the client, but they come separate from a deep cleaning.

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