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As much as our home requires regular and deep cleaning services, places of work such as offices require professional cleaning. Offices and other places of business are the meeting ground of clients, corporate big shots, and potential customers. It is the place where brilliant minds come to generate ideas while others sale their wares.

Most business and commercial places are of considerable sizes and cannot be maintained by regular mopping. It is because; these places witness heavy traffic on a daily basis, which requires more maintenance. Unlike a regular home cleaning, large offices and business establishments cannot be maintained by a solo janitor.

Make a good impression on business partners and clients by keeping your offices in immaculate condition. Apart from the aesthetic and hygiene factor, dirty and unmaintained places can become a trap for potential lawsuits. Commercial cleaning services can be the best solution to this problem. They are quick, efficient, and can deliver immaculate results within a relatively short time.

What are the features of commercial cleaning?

Typically commercial cleaning is offered in places such as offices, business establishments, shopping malls, restaurants and hotels among others

Common features of commercial cleaning services include:

  • Complete cleaning of the floors – It can involve sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming of the entire areas of the floors.
  • Carpet care – This involves deep cleaning the carpets and the rugs, removal of stains, and finishing off with a carpet protector.
  • Cleaning and maintenance of the furniture – Everything from the chairs in the lobby to the sofas in the waiting rooms, the conference halls, and the tables are cleaned thoroughly.
  • Dusting and polishing of light fixtures – Light fixtures on the tables to the chandeliers on the ceiling, as well as the fans, are polished and shined.
  • Restroom cleaning – This forms an integral part of commercial cleaning. Every day there is a large number of people who access restrooms. We make sure that they are kept spotlessly clean to maintain optimum hygiene in the workplace.
  • Removal of trash – Commercial places witness a large amount of trash every day. Removal of the trash and responsible disposal are taken care of by the cleaning company.

What makes our commercial cleaning service different?

We are a team of highly-trained and experienced commercial cleaners who are dedicated to making your life easier and your businesses a lot cleaner. We combine the best in technology and our experience to deliver the best results in commercial cleaning. 

Some of the reasons why we have been a favorite of our clients are:

Cleaning services across all industries.

As a commercial cleaning company, we pride ourselves on the fact that we cater to all industries. Our services are available for schools, clinics, offices, business establishments, restaurants, and even places of worship. 

We take our commercial cleaning services to everyone across all industries without discrimination. 

Dedicated and trained professionals.

The heart of our company is the highly motivated and passionate cleaners who combine the best of their experience and expertise in types of equipment. They have been professionally trained and are among the best in the industry. 

Our team and the company are dedicated to delivering the highest standards of cleaning to our clients. Every member of the team has been evaluated on their background as well. We do not take any chance, and therefore, everyone is also insured. They are safe and trustworthy, so you can use their services with a peaceful mind. 

Flexible schedules.

Time is precious for business establishments, and we do not underestimate its value. Therefore we make it a point to work our way around our client’s schedule and convenience. 

Whether you require a one-time service from us or you prefer to have us clean during the day, we are here at your service. We are even ready to provide our cleaning services at night if that is what you prefer. As long as we can be of service and you are happy with our cleaning services, that’s all that matters. 

Different types of commercial cleaning.

Our cleaning services are not limited to cleaning the office and the workspace. We are also committed to different services like janitorial services and commercial cleaning services for specific projects. 

The frequency of cleaning you can choose to include:

  • Daily cleaning
  • Weekly cleaning
  • One-time cleaning

Of course, you are free to choose the one that best suits your requirements in terms of the size of your business as well as the volume of traffic and so on. 

Specialty cleaning.

One of the most distinctive packages in our commercial cleaning service is the specialty cleaning. This category entails the following:

  • Customized janitorial service
  • Air duct cleaning
  • Clean up after completion of a project
  • Spring cleaning the office 
  • Window cleaning

Our commercial cleaning services can be booked by giving us a call or getting in touch with us online.  

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